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Why choose us?

In the dynamic world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), where the expansion of your client's digital footprint is your expansion, we have built Overe (rhymes with 'here')—our answer to the complexities of SaaS security. Born from a recognized need for accessible, effective cybersecurity solutions, Overe is tailored for MSPs serving small and medium businesses (SMBs) scaling in the cloud without the luxury of vast security resources or budgets.

Our platform and strategy is built on four pillars crucial for MSP success: Assess, Harden, Monitor, and Respond. This structured approach ensures you're not just detecting potential vulnerabilities but actively fortifying against them.

Importantly, our strategy incorporates a unique vantage point—looking through the eyes of adversaries to better understand their methodologies, which enables us to stay a step ahead of potential threats. This proactive stance, rooted in deep cybersecurity knowledge, allows us to anticipate and counteract sophisticated cyber attacks before they can impact your clients.

Starting with our free SaaS security assessment tool to evaluate your clients' security posture, then seamlessly transition to implementing best-practice policies and enjoying the benefits of AI-driven, 24/7 monitoring and response

With Overe, you're not just protecting your clients' digital assets; you're securing their trust, ensuring they can grow their businesses confidently in a secure digital environment. 

Digital Security System

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We are a team of veterans in cybersecurity with proven track records of building products that scale and solve real security issues

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