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Secure your business with our fully automated SaaS Security platform


Don't let cyber threats impact your Business growth


Why you should monitor your SaaS apps


SaaS apps are essential for your business growth, but they also expose you to cyber risks that traditional security products don't protect against


70% of breaches happen to small/medium sized business costing businesses $4.2m on average to recover, with your SaaS apps being a key target for hackers


Current solutions are too complex and require security teams to manage them.
These products cater for Enterprises only

  Focus on growing your business while we keep it safe  

Overe Pillars: 
Assess, Harden, Monitor, and Respond

Assess : Comprehensive Security Assessments

Instantly evaluate the security health of your SaaS applications with Overe’s advanced assessment tool. Gain critical insights into potential vulnerabilities and compliance gaps, setting the stage for informed cybersecurity strategies tailored to MSP needs.

Harden: Automated Security Hardening

Effortlessly reinforce your digital defenses with just a few clicks. Overe automates the implementation of best practice security policies across client environments, ensuring a fortified stance against threats without manual complexities.

Monitor & Respond: Threat Monitoring and Automated Response

Overe provides continuous monitoring of SaaS environments using AI-driven technology to detect unusual activities and potential threats. Coupled with our auto-response capabilities, MSPs can swiftly mitigate risks, ensuring operational continuity and enhanced security for their clients, all from an intuitive, unified dashboard.


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