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Secure your business with our fully automated SaaS Security platform


Don't let cyber threats impact your Business growth


Why you should monitor your SaaS apps


SaaS apps are essential for your business growth, but they also expose you to cyber risks that traditional security products don't protect against


70% of breaches happen to small/medium sized business costing businesses $4.2m on average to recover, with your SaaS apps being a key target for hackers


Current solutions are too complex and require security teams to manage them.
These products cater for Enterprises only

  Focus on growing your business while we keep it safe  

Overe Benefits

Your security Posture

Get an instant assessment of your SaaS app security posture recommended by our expert security analysts.
Our simple-to-understand Security Posture score provides concise insights, so you don't need to be an expert in the details

SaaS Service support

Our service tracks the usage and access patterns of your users and data across multiple apps, enriching it with our threat intelligence and other security tool data to widen the view of potential risk.

We provide support for your critical SaaS applications where your data may be most vulnerable.

Automation and Response

Our service not only automates most security tasks for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business, but also benefits from the expertise of our security analysts who are actively identifying new adversarial techniques to get access to your data.
You can easily resolve any security issues with a simple click, or choose to empower your users to handle them on their own and improve their Security Awareness


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