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Overe Welcomes David Rushmer as Head of Security Research

The Overe team is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, David Rushmer, stepping into the role of Head of Security Research. David’s appointment marks a significant investment in our mission to elevate cybersecurity standards for our clients by leading our threat research and driving innovation in our adversarial response strategy.

David brings an incredible amount of experience to Overe, having previously led the MSP-centric threat research team at Blackpoint Cyber and serving in significant roles at Cylance and Blackberry as the Global Director of Threat Research. 

Our paths briefly crossed at Blackpoint Cyber where I was immediately impressed with not only David's immense knowledge of the threat landscape affecting MSPs and SMBs but his hands-on approach to building threat tools and intelligence systems to automate the detection and response of adversarial activity. Also, we have known about David’s work since his days at Cylance where he was instrumental both in their threat and marketing teams, publicly highlighting key attack vectors and driving innovation in their product portfolio.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a person of David's calibre join us and more importantly, we share a common vision for how cybersecurity companies and their services should serve the MSP and SMB ecosystems, with relevant information, integrity and genuine value.

As Head of Security Research, David will be at the forefront of identifying, analysing, and mitigating potential cybersecurity threats that could impact our customers. His role is crucial in ensuring that Overe’s threat defence strategies are both proactive and highly accurate, leveraging his vast experience in dealing with advanced adversaries to secure our clients.

David's influence will extend beyond internal strategy, embodying the role of spokesperson for our groundbreaking research efforts. He is tasked with shining a light on the key risks our customers may face and how Overe is working to address these, illustrating our commitment to not only securing our customers but also empowering them through education and awareness.

"I'm genuinely impressed by the people at Overe and the product they’ve developed. It's astounding to see such innovation and effective execution in such a short span of time, which speaks volumes about the founding team's deep expertise not only in cybersecurity but also in crafting solutions that resonate with MSPs," David expresses. "The Overe platform distinguishes itself in the market with its slick user experience and a strategic approach grounded in the four foundational pillars of Assess, Harden, Monitor, and Respond. This methodology not only highlights the platform's innovation but also its commitment to providing a comprehensive security framework. I'm eager to contribute to its evolution, ensuring we stay several steps ahead of cyber threats, and further enhancing our ability to offer MSPs and their clients a clear path from understanding their security issues at no cost to addressing them proactively with our advanced features."

Stay connected with our blog for the latest insights and updates from David and the Overe security research team. 


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