Why Us?

At Overe (rhymes with 'here'), we understand the dynamic challenges faced by Managed Service Providers (MSPs). As your clients' digital footprints expand, so do your responsibilities. That's why we created Overe—a tailored solution for the complexities of SaaS security, specifically designed for MSPs serving small and medium businesses (SMBs) scaling in the cloud.

Our mission stems from a critical need: for every one security incident related to endpoint protection, businesses are exposed to at least six separate incidents involving SaaS or cloud services. This overwhelming ratio highlights the urgent need for effective SaaS security solutions.

Our platform is built on four essential pillars: Assess, Harden, Monitor, and Respond. This structured approach ensures you not only detect potential vulnerabilities but also actively fortify against them.

We adopt a unique perspective—viewing threats through the eyes of adversaries. This enables us to anticipate and counteract sophisticated cyber attacks, staying a step ahead to protect your clients.

Start with our free SaaS security assessment tool to evaluate your clients' security posture. Then seamlessly implement best-practice policies and benefit from AI-driven, 24/7 monitoring and response.

With Overe, you're not just protecting digital assets; you're securing trust and enabling your clients to grow confidently in a secure digital environment.

Hear what our customers have to say about Overe

MSPs, secure your clients with our fully automated SaaS Security platform.

Paul Burgwin
Managing Director,
ITConsec, UK
"We've been with Overe since before they even had a product, and their commitment to MSPs has been exceptional. Overe now protects thousands of our users, providing robust security and peace of mind. Their dedication to improving their platform and working closely with us has made a significant impact on our operations and profitability.
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Neil Shaw
Managing Director,
Overe has transformed how we manage our clients' SaaS security. The quick setup and automatic policy enforcement have saved us countless hours, allowing us to focus on other critical tasks. It's an absolute game-changer for MSPs.
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Harvey Coplestone
Managing Director,
"Managing our security was a daunting task, especially with hundreds of Microsoft settings to stay on top of. Overe quickly applies best practices, ensuring our SaaS environments are secure. Unlike other services we've tried, Overe doesn't bombard us with non-critical alerts, allowing us to focus on building our business with peace of mind."
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Managing Director,
"Overe flagged suspicious activity from India, which turned out to be from our partner that outsources accountancy work. The visibility is exceptional, ensuring we always know what's happening. Overe frequently releases updates based on our feedback, improving the service with each iteration."
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Meet The Team

Paul Barnes
Link to Overe Team member

20 years in Cybersecurity.Product Executive @ Prevx, Webroot, Opentext, Blackpoint Cyber

Markus Hartwig
Link to Overe Team member

20 years in Cybersecurity.Engineering Executive @  Airbus, Prevx, Webroot, Opentext

Giacomo Collini
Link to Overe Team member

20 years in Cybersecurity
InfoSec executive @ Clovr Labs, HelloFresh, King,  TechData

Marc Baiges
Head of Product Design
Link to Overe Team member

20 years in Software and Product @ King, Strands

David Rushmer
Head of Security Research
Link to Overe Team member

15 years in Cybersecurity @ BT, Cylance, Blackpoint Cyber

Rupert Cook
Link to Overe Team member

25 years in Cybersecurity and corporate finance @ Prevx, Netacea, Immersive Labs, Malwarebytes, BSC VCT, Red Penguin Ventures

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