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Explore Overe's Cutting-Edge Security Solutions Tailored for MSPs and SMBs

Discover our FREE Microsoft 365 Assessment Tool, enhancing your Microsoft 365 security and generating tailored alerts and insights across all your clients.

Upgrade to our Premium service, delivering 24/7 SaaS security for your clients.
Your security, is our commitment.

Enhance your Microsoft 365 security with Overe's FREE Assessment Tool

🚀 Quick Setup

Quick Start: Get up and running in under 2 minutes, zero sign-up barriers.

🛡 Customised Security Posture

Discover your unique security posture tailored to your company's needs, not a generic score.

🔍 CIS M365 Benchmark Audit

Seamlessly ensure your client's Microsoft 365 setup meets the latest CIS benchmarks, enhancing security compliance with minimal effort.

🔔 Posture Drift Alets

 Stay ahead with instant alerts for any security setting changes

🌐 Dark Web Surveillance

We scan the dark web to detect potential user compromises

🏢 MSP/Client management Portal 
Connect as many clients as you wish and view them all in a single portal


Elevate your MSP’s cybersecurity strategy with Overe Premium

🔹 All Features of Overe Free Included

Inclusive of advanced User information and extended Dark web surveillance

⚠️ Enhanced Threat Detection & Activity Alerts

Elevate your security vigilance with comprehensive threat detection and receive timely alerts on suspicious activities.

🔎 Advanced Anomaly Detection

Harness the power of AI to identify and analyse anomalies, pre-emptively addressing potential security threats.

⚙️ Automatic Policy Enforcement

Effortlessly maintain best-practice security policies with automatic enforcement across your client environments.

🚨 Automated Threat Response

With Overe Premium, initiate instant, automatic responses to threats, providing continuous, hands-off protection and ensuring your clients' environments are always secured.

...and many more features to come, each meticulously crafted to provide MSPs with a superior, proactive cybersecurity management solution.


Early Adopter Program

We're excited to announce that we are now onboarding "Early Adopters" onto the Overe Premium platform at a significantly reduced price. This is a unique opportunity to leverage our most advanced cybersecurity solution at a fraction of its future price.

Join us in setting the new standard for MSP cybersecurity and enjoy the benefits of being an early supporter of Overe Premium.

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