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Overe selected for 2024 ConnectWise PitchIT Accelerator

We are excited to announce that Overe has been selected to take part in the prestigious ConnectWise PitchIT accelerator program. This selection is particularly meaningful for us, given our dedicated focus on the MSP market and the strength of ConnectWise as the most established brand in this space.

PitchIT, now in its 6th year, is an annual accelerator that nurtures growth among startup integration partners dedicated to enhancing the MSP landscape. Overe’s participation in this 16-week business transformation course, led by industry experts, signifies a pivotal step towards scaling our innovative solutions designed specifically for MSPs.

Being listed on the ConnectWise Marketplace as part of the PitchIT program will enhance our visibility and allow us to showcase our integrations that significantly boost efficiency, profitability, and security for MSPs. Furthermore, participating in co-marketing webinars will help refine our messaging and expand our reach within the MSP community.

ConnectWise’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth aligns perfectly with our mission at Overe, making this opportunity a perfect catalyst for our next growth phase. Our selection for the PitchIT accelerator resonates deeply, especially given our prior successful collaboration with ConnectWise at Webroot. During that tenure, both myself and Markus, our CTO, were pivotal in developing highly scalable cybersecurity services that capitalized on our partnership’s rapid growth. Our experience from those transformative years has equipped us with unique insights and proven strategies that we are now channeling into Overe.

We look forward to sharing our journey through the PitchIT accelerator and are eager to demonstrate how Overe’s cutting-edge solutions can transform MSP operations. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through the program and continue to make significant strides in cybersecurity for MSPs!


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