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Overe Appoints Rupert Cook as Chairman

On behalf of the team at Overe, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Rupert Cook as our Chairman.

For those unfamiliar, Rupert is a renowned figure in the cybersecurity acceleration sphere. Most recently, he was instrumental in the meteoric rise of Bristol-based Immersive Labs, working with its Founder and CEO James Hadley, from its early days with just six members in a shipping container, through rapid growth in Europe and the US, to securing significant funding from prestigious entities including Goldman Sachs, Summit Partners and Insight Partners.

Rupert has been a key contributor to the growth of several other leading cybersecurity firms, including Malwarebytes, Netacea and CensorNet, aiding them in raising capital, team building, product positioning, and beyond. He also presides as Chairman of the Board at British Smaller Companies VCT PLC.

Markus(CTO), Paul(CEO) and Rupert reunite at Overe

Our decision to collaborate with Rupert stems not only from his stellar reputation but also from a shared vision to challenge and redefine segments within the cybersecurity market. We have also known Rupert for many years, since we all worked together at Prevx (acq. by Webroot) from 2006 to 2008, so we have a great understanding of each other's strengths.

For us, this means aggressively addressing the market void we've identified. The proliferation of SaaS applications in most businesses today poses significant risks and management challenges for MSPs and SMEs. We've developed what we believe to be a pioneering platform that resolves these issues with minimal effort, leveraging AI and progressive automation.

With a founding team well-versed in the pitfalls that cybersecurity start-ups often encounter, especially in today's challenging economic climate, we recognize that achieving scale demands focus, results, and capital efficiency. Rupert’s extensive experience and strategic insight are precisely what we need to expand our influence in the MSP sector.

Rupert comments, “The potential for Overe is huge. However, the current market conditions are challenging, and seizing this opportunity requires us to be focused, innovative, and precise in our execution. I’m here to guide the team in navigating these challenges successfully."

Adding Rupert’s perspective on our strategy, he emphasises the importance of Overe’s foundational pillars: “Overe’s approach allows MSPs and their clients to first understand their security issues at no cost through our Assess pillar, and then, when ready, seamlessly transition to addressing these risks with our comprehensive suite of Harden, Monitor, and Respond capabilities. This staged approach not only educates but empowers our users to take proactive steps towards enhanced cybersecurity.”

This announcement marks just the beginning of several significant developments we're excited to share in the coming weeks. Stay updated by following this blog, signing up for our newsletter and on LinkedIn .


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