June 28, 2024

Introducing Overe 1.0: The Next Level in SaaS Security

We are thrilled to announce that Overe has reached a significant milestone with the release of our 1.0 version. This achievement comes after months of rigorous development and learning—both human and machine. Our primary focus has been ensuring that our alerts are contextual and accurate to continuously ensure that our customers are only alerted to the most important security risks.

Why Overe Exists

Overe's mission has always been to revolutionize SaaS security for MSPs and SMBs.

We know that securing SaaS environments is a minefield of shifting complexity that SMBs and MSPs simply don't have the resources to address.

Poor or irrelevant information often exacerbates the problem, leading to either noise ending up with alert fatigue or gaps that leave SMBs and MSPs vulnerable.

Overe is built specifically to address these challenges with a platform designed for MSPs and SMBs, offering rapid deployment and effective cloud security management at minimal cost.

Our goal is to provide a "set and forget" solution, ensuring that MSPs can trust Overe to have their backs, making effective security decisions effortlessly.

Key Updates in Overe 1.0

Overe Premium - Contextual Alerts

Contextual and Accurate Alerts We've significantly enhanced our alert system to provide highly contextual and accurate notifications. This ensures that MSPs can trust the alerts they receive, reducing false positives and enabling faster, more effective responses.

Highlighting Our Premium Features

⚠️ Enhanced Threat Detection & Activity Alerts

Elevate your security vigilance with comprehensive threat detection and receive timely alerts on suspicious activities.

🔎 Advanced Anomaly Detection

Harness the power of AI to identify and analyse anomalies, pre-emptively addressing potential security threats⚙️ Automatic Policy Enforcement Effortlessly maintain best-practice security policies with automatic enforcement across your client environments.

🚀 Quick Setup Get up and running in under 2 minutes, with zero sign-up barriers.

🛡 Customised Security Posture Discover your unique security posture tailored to your company's needs, not a generic score.

🔍 CIS M365 Benchmark Audit Seamlessly ensure your client's Microsoft 365 setup meets the latest CIS benchmarks, enhancing security compliance with minimal effort.

🔔 Posture Drift Alerts Stay ahead with instant alerts for any security setting changes.

🌐 Dark Web Surveillance We scan the dark web to detect potential user compromises.

🏢 MSP/Client Management Portal Connect as many clients as you wish and view them all in a single portal.

🔎 Advanced Role and Privileged Role Detection Beyond simple admin detection, we analyze users' roles to identify permissions that allow critical changes.

What This Means for You

Get up and running in just 2 minutes with Overe Premium, providing peace of mind by ensuring your SaaS environment is constantly monitored and protected. MSPs can enhance their service offerings and generate additional revenue by using Overe’s free tool to highlight security issues to clients who may falsely believe they are already secure, then protect their clients with Overe Premium.

Join Us on This Journey

We are excited to invite businesses to experience Overe 1.0. Whether you're already a user or looking to start, there's never been a better time to explore our platform.

Book a Demo call (15 min)

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and enhance our offerings. Together, we can build a safer digital future for businesses everywhere.

Best, Paul Barnes & The Overe Team

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