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Features coming to Overe

At Overe, we are committed to constant evolution and enhancement of our platform.
We understand the importance of staying responsive to the needs of our users, which is why we diligently gather and listen to your feedback.

Our dedication to improvement is reflected in our agile approach to development, with new features and updates being released on a weekly basis. 

This ensures that our solutions not only meet but exceed the dynamic requirements of today's cybersecurity landscape, helping you stay one step ahead of threats.

Before we show you the new features we are working on, here you’ll find a detailed table of our recent features, each designed with your security and ease of use in mind!

Feature Name
Free Tool
Initial release of our Free tool


Alerts Exclusions
Add your own exclusions over the anomalies we identify. You'll still be able to see them, you just won't be alerted to them


MSFT Policy control
Set best practice security policy across your customers in a few clicks!


Webroot integration Phase 1
To quickly allow the onboarding of Webroot customers, we have integrated into Webroot's Unity API to show all Webroot Sites in Overe


Notification mgmt
Enhanced notification management for your Administrators and alert types


Extend MSFT Posture controls tracked
We now track 396 posture controls across all MSFT license SKUs in our Free service


Policy granularity
Set user and role based exceptions on the configurable policies


Integrate all our alerts into any logging system supporting webhooks


Mid-long term roadmap
We are keeping our cards close to our chest 😉 ... but happy to share details 1:1 Contact for our longer term roadmap

Contact us!

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